„God commanded us

to be fishers of men.
Hannelore Krug

The project

"Love and Rice for Gambia" is a project designed to bring new hope and the love of Jesus Christ to people in West Africa. Whether via Facebook or directly in Gambia, Hannelore and Walter Krug engage with people in order to open doors to the Gospel.


Gambia is the smallest country in Africa and has just under two million inhabitants. 95% of the population is Muslim. Only 2% of the population are Christians. Many suffer disadvantages when converting to Christianity. Hannelore Krug is particularly concerned with young people, who typically have no work or training and who lack any focal point in life or future prospects.


Donations are used to finance schooling for children in Gambia, to organize apprenticeships for young people, and to provide needy families with rice. Thanks to donations, it is also possible to deliver clothing to the Gambia by boat, bicycles and motorcycles, medical equipment, cell phones, computers, tires and much more.


The initial contact to Gambia came about in 2014 by means of a friend request on Facebook. A teenager named Fatou told of their poverty and the hopelessness in which they lived. The siblings' distress so moved the Krugs that they decided to help.


In 2015, they traveled to the Gambia for the first time, and subsequently the project "Love and Rice for Gambia" was born, which is particularly supported by brothers and sisters of the churches in Bruchsal and Neckarsulm. Meanwhile, donors from other regions of Germany and Switzerland also support the project "Love and Rice for Gambia".


Walter Krug's home church is in Neckarsulm. (www.efg-neckarsulm.de)


Your donation can also help to support the project!