„We give our lives to Jesus and connect in His spirit in worship

and through our witness to strengthen the natives for missionary service.
Pastor Fadil Ceesay


IMWA - Indigenous Mission of West Africa

IMWA represents the first mission school in Gambia. In 2012, the non-denominational missions group IM bought a 6-hectare piece of land in the Sotokoi region, near the capital, Banjul. Gambia has never had its own missions school. Young Gambians who want to study theology go abroad – and many of them never return. Now, IMWA wants to train local missionaries for the very first time. The school also provides homes for persecuted Christians. And IMWA will grow crops on their land both for their own needs and for sale. www.imwa.gm


Pastor Fadil Ceesay

He was born into a strict Muslim family in 1981. At the age of 6, his parents sent him to a religious school, where he had to read and memorize the Koran. For 12 years. So, he had no real childhood as a result.


Fadil later undertook comparative studies between the Bible and the Koran. And his life and his faith changed. In 1997, at the age of 16, he gave his life to Jesus Christ. Fadil worked as a theologian, teacher and preacher for many years in various schools, communities and other institutions. He translated the Bible into the Mandinka language. To this day, he works on behalf of persecuted Christians.


Fadil Ceesay is the director of the IMWA Mission School, Indigenous Mission of West Africa (www.imwa.gm) – the native missions school of West Africa.